“They are our solid ground, our North Star..”

I believe in characters who aren’t perfect. I believe in people. And I believe in playing characters that are like people. - Stana Katic

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charmed appreciation week ⏩ day three
→ favorite sister-ship(s) - prue x phoebe
It is so his loss, ‘cause you are beautiful, my sister.”

 / You asked me why, why I did it. It wasn’t because you drove my father away, or the way you looked at me, or because you beat her. It’s because I hated that you were a part of me…that I would never be good. That I would never have anything good..
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i forget sometimes that i’m technically an adult. like. how did that happen. who let it happen. i don’t look like an adult. I don’t act like an adult. i do not feel like an adult. how do i stop this


Caskett + matching outfits (season 6)

"Truth conquers all."

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Alicia Florrick - Season 1 

"You won’t feel like it. But put on nice clothing. Force yourself, too. Not for public. For you."