rginamils asked: Regina Mills or Lana Parrilla.

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"What are you going to do?" // "Something drastic."

She held Snow’s heart in her hands and used it to save a life instead of destroying the woman she hated for so long. She held the heart of a woman who was standing in the way of her happy ending, and she chose to protect it without ever once seeming tempted to crush it [x]

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Castle and Beckett + "That shared brain thingy"

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#i’ve come to believe that kate always had a ‘type’ before she started dating castle #they were good people #but they were serious and driven and oblivious to her needs #and castle opened up this entirely different side to her #the fun enthusiastic spontaneous side #it was there all along but those other men didn’t get it or accept it like he does #and he never shames her for any of it #(except occasionally for her love of nebula 9 #because let’s face it that show was silly) #but even so he’ll sit down and watch a marathon with her #and i just love the way they love each other okay? #castle #I’M FINE LEAVE ME ALONE (via castleincalifornia)

THIS! ^ :’)

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"Given with everything that’s happened I thought you just.. you weren’t ready."
"I thought that
you weren’t ready.”
"I’m ready. I’m- I- I’m so ready.”
"I’m ready too. Like, I’m really ready.”

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"Clearly is the perfect word, because clearly, our killer… is the invisible man."

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It looks like Castle taught Beckett well (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 1x02 / 7x03

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4x06 | 7x03

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