Lisa Edelstein attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Warner Bros. & Alcon’s “Transcendence”
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"She really believes in this guy. She understands he is a genius, which is why she tolerates his insanity.  I think his insanity turns her on a little bit. In some ways she is a mother cub who will fight to the death and she is extremely protective of him. That’s why she gets so mad when he is hurtful of her, because it is a deep betrayal.  She does everything to make sure he is safe, even to protect him from himself. He is attached to her; he appreciates her for what she does for him. I don’t think he is capable of doing much more than lashing out. It is the classic story of abandonment. The most abandoned will abandon everyone else to maintain their abandonment…” — Lisa E

"I’m Stana Katic. I’m the founder of the Alternative Travel Project, which is a global initiative that encourages people to go car free for just one day.”

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castle + birds-eye view

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It had to be done.