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#this scene   #it make me mad when people complain that they didn’t kiss and disregard important moments like this   #first of all pepper is comforting him   #how often do you see a woman comforting a man in big blockbuster films?   #he opened up to her in a way he’s never done before   #but said i love you like he’s said it before   #(character development)   #and this is how pepper dealt with it   #she didn’t need to say anything   #he said what he needed to say  #they had this beautiful moment   #a moment that is more meaningful and deeper than a kiss  #they’ve already kissed   #now its things like this that they need to develop

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Tony and Pepper in the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray Features


screencap meme → pepperony + looking down

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My last piece Tony Stark of Winterfell

Iron Man 3 ─ Official B-Roll #1